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I started FYIG in 2012 as a place for people to write about whatever interests them. My wife, Danielle Crandell, has joined me in making this site the best it can possibly be. You'll usually find me writing about hockey, gaming, or the latest in technology.
Patrick Sharp

FYIG Chats With 3-Time Stanley Cup Champion Patrick Sharp

FYIG recently had the chance to chat with 3-time Stanley Cup Champion Patrick Sharp about Airbnb Billet Day and the importance that billeting played in his career. Find out more here!

FYIG Chats With Music Duo Heartstreets

Take a look at our interview with music duo Heartstreets about their latest album and revamping those songs even further in 3-song collections!
Greta Jaime

FYIG Chats With Singer/Songwriter Greta Jaime

Check out our recent interview with singer/songwriter Greta Jaime about her latest single, "Internet Love"!
Eleri Angharad

FYIG Chats With Singer/Songwriter Eleri Angharad

Take a look at our interview with singer/songwriter Eleri Angharad about her latest single, "Staircase". Learn more about Eleri here!
Kimberly-Sue Murray

FYIG Chats With Actress/Producer Kimberly-Sue Murray

FYIG recently had the chance to chat with actress/producer Kimberly-Sue Murray about her latest role in the Netflix series V-Wars. Find out more about Kimberly-Sue here!
Noella Rain

FYIG Chats With Singer/Songwriter Noella Rain

Check out our latest interview with singer/songwriter Noella Rain about her latest single, "Phoenix"! Find out more about Noella here!
Army Men Air Combat Platro's Revenge

FYIG Plays Army Men Air Combat Part 16 – Plastro’s Revenge

Plastro is on the run and has unleashed his worst weapon/toy of mass destruction ever. Where it came from isn't known, but defeating it is imperative!