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Danielle Crandell

22. University of Oklahoma graduate. Fantasy/sci-fi nerd. Dental hygienist. Singer/song-writer. Wife of Dean Amond, creator of FYIG. You'll most likely find me writing articles about shows or movies, games, music, health, and cosmetics (coming soon to FYIG!). :)

Dance Moves & Party Songs to Know in 2016

Have you ever stepped into a party scene and felt a little “behind the times”? If so, have no fear! This list will allow...

Paranormal Activity: Timeline Summary of Events

The entire Paranormal Activity series is based on a demonic entity, “Toby”, that has been worshipped for centuries by a witch coven called the...

The Originals: Vampires, “Witchery” and War

The Originals is a spinoff of the popular TV series, The Vampire Diaries, and focuses on the lives of the first vampires ever created...

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