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Owner of the You-Tube Channel "RetroStalgia", all of my content (on here at least) are "Let's Play" style videos of whatever games I feel like playing. There are more games on my channel if you want to check it out. One of my biggest hobbies is custom building computers. Unfortunately, I don't get to much due to the associated cost of doing so. However, along with the other gameplay videos, there are some PC Building Vlogs from my personal build along with some upgrades I've done to it. Thanks for checking me out! My Youtube Channel can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcNkGBfQRoWtrxPy621Fr2w

FYIG Plays Star Wars: Rogue Squadron Part #17 – Beggar’s Canyon

Time for the first bonus level. This time a race through Beggar's Canyon. Simple enough.

FYIG Plays Gex: Enter The Gecko Part #4 – WWW.DOTCOM.COM

Long video this time. Might start breaking these up by remotes. Only two in this level though. Inside a computer is a neat idea and the gimmick of needing a power up to cross certain areas is cool too. As far as gameplay, lots of trial and error.

FYIG Plays Star Wars: Rogue Squadron Part #16 – The Battle of Calamari

Set after the Battle of Endor and the destruction of the second Death Star, this semi-post game level sees Wedge leading Rogue Squadron in a squadron of V-Wings against World Devastators and infuriating TIE-Drones that can apparently stop midair and turn!

FYIG Plays Gex: Enter The Gecko Part #3 – Gilligex Isle

A quick bonus level in the style of Indiana Jones, then off to a parody of Gilligan's Island. Where what appear to be some sort of odd witch-doctor things throw energy orbs to try and defeat Gex.

FYIG Plays Star Wars: Rogue Squadron Part #15 – Moff Seerdon’s Revenge

With the attack on Sullust being a distraction, Moff Seerdon shows up with the Empire to attack the rebel bacta tanks on Thyferra. After bouncing an X-Wing off his Sentinel-class landing craft a few times, he is taken out pretty easily.

FYIG Plays Gex: Enter The Gecko Part #2 – Smellraiser

A horror-themed area this time with references we surprisingly understood, its Smellraiser in Scream TV!

FYIG Plays Star Wars: Rogue Squadron Part #14 – Raid on Sullust

Inside a volcano on Sullust, Rogue Squadron goes after a capacitor. But this is one of my most annoying missions yet due to all the seeking missile turrets. That has got to be the most annoying sound in the game. Especially when flying a Y-Wing.