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Owner of the You-Tube Channel "Trek-Natic", all of my content (on here at least) are "Let's Play" style videos of whatever games I feel like playing. There are more games on my channel if you want to check it out. One of my biggest hobbies is custom building computers. Unfortunately, I don't get to much due to the associated cost of doing so. However, along with the other gameplay videos, there are some PC Building Vlogs from my personal build along with some upgrades I've done to it. Thanks for checking me out! My Youtube Channel can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcNkGBfQRoWtrxPy621Fr2w
Mass Effect Part 6video

FYIG Plays Mass Effect Part 6 – Aiding the Consort

In the 6th part of our Mass Effect playthrough, I assist the Consort as well as completing some other side missions.
BattleTanx Global Assault Part 17video

FYIG Plays BattleTanx: Global Assault Part 17 – Rescuing Les Misérables Queenlords

In Part 17 of our BattleTanx: Global Assault playthrough, t's time to save the 3 QueenLords that were taken by Cassandra's forces!
Mass Effectvideo

FYIG Plays Mass Effect Part 3-5 – Meeting New Allies/Confronting Fist

We're back with 3 more videos in our Mass Effect playthrough as we meet Wrex and Garrus and confront Fist!
BattleTanx Global Assaultvideo

FYIG Plays BattleTanx: Global Assault Part 15 & 16 – Rescuing Les Misérables

I'm back with another couple videos in my BattleTanx: Global Assault playthrough! Watch as I attempt to rescue Les Misérables in Paris!
FYIG Plays Mass Effect Part 2video

FYIG Plays Mass Effect Part 2 – Locating the Beacon

The second part of my Mass Effect playthrough is live now and this video features me finally locating the beacon and making a startling discovery.
FYIG Plays BattleTanx Global Assault Part 13 & 14video

FYIG Plays BattleTanx: Global Assault Part 13 & 14

The next two parts of our BattleTanx: Global Assault playthrough on the PS1 are here and this time I have to rescue a queenlord and get to the leader of The Crimson Guard!
The Verge's $2000 Painful PC Buildvideo

The Verge’s Painful $2000 PC Build

On September 13th, The Verge uploaded a video about how to build a $2000 gaming PC. It was... less than ideal. I'm not the first to call them out on it and probably won't be the last, but here are my thoughts.

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