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Owner of the You-Tube Channel "RetroStalgia", all of my content (on here at least) are "Let's Play" style videos of whatever games I feel like playing. There are more games on my channel if you want to check it out. One of my biggest hobbies is custom building computers. Unfortunately, I don't get to much due to the associated cost of doing so. However, along with the other gameplay videos, there are some PC Building Vlogs from my personal build along with some upgrades I've done to it. Thanks for checking me out! My Youtube Channel can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcNkGBfQRoWtrxPy621Fr2w
Star Wars Rogue Squadron Part #4

FYIG Plays Star Wars: Rogue Squadron Part #4 – Defection at Corellia

Crix Madine is defecting. Rogue Squadron must cover his escape and protect General Rieekan is in a meeting at the Capitol Tower when the Empire starts bombing the city. Protecting he and Crix is imperative.
Spyro Part #22

FYIG Plays Spyro The Dragon (PS1) Part #22 – Dark Passage

Fools in control of light and dark. Animals that change form based on that. Almost seems like a recipe for a nightmare.
Star Wars Rogue Squadron Part 3

FYIG Plays Star Wars: Rogue Squadron Part #3 – The Search for the Nonnah

The Nonnah has crashed. Rogue Squadron, using A-Wings this time, must locate it and protect it long enough for a rebel shuttle to evacuate the crew and cargo. But the Empire doesn't want that to happen.
Star Wars Rogue Squadron Part 2

FYIG Plays Star Wars: Rogue Squadron Part #2 – Rendezvous at Barkhesh

A quick supply escort mission. Fairly simple overall. Most annoying part being a few AT-STs. The bombers are easy to take care of and the probe droids don't move. Almost got gold.
Spyro Dream Weavers

FYIG Plays Spyro The Dragon Part #21 – Dream Weavers

One of my personal favorites from a visual standpoint, we now advance to the Dream Weavers hub world. A cannon that makes big enemies small and small enemies big. What more could you want?
Star Wars Rogue Squadron Part 1

FYIG Plays Star Wars: Rogue Squadron Part #1 – Ambush at Mos Eisley

Taking an early flight through Beggar's Canyon, Luke, Wedge, and one other member of Rogue Squadron that doesn't get named discover that the Empire is attacking homesteads on the desert planet of Tatoonine. Later it is found that TIE Bombers are making a run at Mos Eisley spaceport.
Spyro Tree Tops

FYIG Plays Spyro The Dragon (PS1) Part #20 – Tree Tops

Oops. We skipped a level. So, now we backtrack instead of moving forward into Dream Weavers. This time we go into what appears to be the most annoying level in the game. Lots of platforms and kinda confusing maze-like. Took two attempts to figure this out.