This is it! Final level! Final Boss! Or rather, bosses. Apparently, we have a few after us. Not too hard though, all things considered. And a satisfying conclusion to a Let's Play that has been going on for almost 4 months.
Dani Kristina returns to FYIG to talk about her latest single, "Gambler" and what's coming up in her career!
FYIG recently had the chance to chat with actress Christine Nguyen about the latest seasons of The Bold Type and Nurses. Find out more about Christine right here!
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Tell us a little bit about yourself.   I am a young international actress. I was born in Paris and then grew up in London until I was 18. I then moved to New York for college and I am now...
The vial case retrieved in the last mission contains blood samples along with the initials of major world leaders. One vial is labeled differently though. It seems to be targeted for a British diplomat currently under report. Bond must infiltrate the Embassy and break into a room the diplomat is obsessed with protecting to learn more information. A quick in-and-out mission with a dart gun for zero fatalities.
One final video before going on to the boss. Because to get the boss, we have to get all the tokens. We didn't miss that many, but we are still taking time to get them.

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