Playing a new game! When an attempted vacation goes horribly wrong, Spyro gets launched into a new realm and is enlisted to get rid of Ripto, a dinosaur-looking dictator with a Napoleon complex.
Bloch's men are after Bond and agent Nightshade. In an on-rails level, Bond has to basically blow up anything related to Bloch and his men as they try and chase Bond and Nightshade through the city on their way to the Identicon factory.
We've finally made it to the airport. Gotta spend some time where all the luggage goes, jumping around conveyor belts and wandering through a maintenance bay, but we also finally got the last power-up needed to go back and get the missed tokens.
Salomé Robert-Murphy drops in on FYIG to talk about the platform she has created called, "The Self Series"!
Time for a new game. This time we are doing our first GameCube game! Or second, if you count 1080 Avalanche that went up last week. For the first mission, Bond has to locate a missing CIA agent.
Quote The Raven returns to FYIG to chat about their upcoming album, "Can't Hold The Light". Read the full interview here!
Sally Shaar of MONOWHALES stops by FYIG to chat about their latest album, "Daytona Bleach". Read the full interview right here!

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