FYIG recently had the chance to chat with singer/songwriter Dani Kristina about her debut EP, "Aura". Find out more about Dani right here!
Check out our latest interview with singer/songwriter Shayna Adler about her concept album, "Wander"!
Take a look at our new interview with Max Miller, the host of the Tasting History YouTube channel. Max talks about his upcoming episodes and shares advice for people new to cooking/baking!
Check out our latest interview with actress, model, and stuntwoman, Avaah Blackwell about her role in Start trek Discovery and much more!
With the year off from the main series, we're getting an arcade WWE game for the first time in years! Find out what we thought in our WWE 2K Battlegrounds Review!
Time for more Gex! This time a Scream TV channel. Finding blood coolers is one of Melody's favorite things to do, so this is a fun one.
Another Circuit Central level set, one of our favorites so far. While still a long one, it makes some good jokes. Nothing too complicated either.

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