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Five Incredible Indie Switch Games No One is Talking About

With such a rush of indie games into the Switch online marketplace, what decides who is going to be the next big Super Meat Boy and who falls to the bottom of the pile? Luck? Maybe sometimes. But for these five incredible indie games, just one glaring problem kept them from video game stardom.

FYIG Top 10: Coolest Bond Gadgets

We're doing something a little different this time for this edition of "FYIG Top 10". Our friends at Morphsuits have created a great infographic on the top 10 Bond gadgets. Take a look!    

FYIG Top 10: Console Platformers

Platformers are among some of the most enjoyable experiences in gaming. There have been many platformers that have graced consoles and provided some of the best and most recognizable characters the industry has ever...