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Family Guy: Back to the Multiversevideo

FYIG Plays Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse Part 1 & 2 – It’s...

We're back with another edition of FYIG Plays and this time we're taking you through the first couple levels of Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse on the PS3!
FYIG Plays BattleTanx Global Asssault Part 7 & 8video

FYIG Plays BattleTanx: Global Assault Part 7 & 8 – Rescuing Queenlords and Finding...

I'm back with another couple videos of BattleTanx: Global Assault. In Part 7 and 8, I rescue some queenlords and encounter a new tank with a deadly arsenal!
FYIG Plays BattleTanx Global Assaultvideo

FYIG Plays BattleTanx: Global Assault Part 6

Check out the next part of our BattleTanx: Global Assault playthrough on the PS1 where I try to find out what that evil Cassandra's plans are!
Tony Hawk's Underground Part 1video

FYIG Plays Tony Hawk’s Underground Part 1 – New Jersey

I'm back with another edition of FYIG Plays! This time we're taking a look at 2003's Tony Hawk's Underground for the Xbox!
Super Mario 64 Gameplayvideo

FYIG Plays Super Mario 64 Part 1 – The First Few Levels

The next series in our FYIG Plays feature is Super Mario 64! Check out the first few levels of the game and see me struggle on Slip Slidin' Away right here!
Burnout 3 Gameplayvideo

FYIG Plays Burnout 3: Takedown Part 4 – Focusing on Crash Mode

I continue my Burnout 3: Takedown playthrough this week with a lot more Crash events along with a few Road Rage and Races sprinkled in.
FYIG Plays Battletanx Global Assault Part 5video

FYIG Plays Battletanx: Global Assault Part 5 – Destroying a Shadow Ops Armory

The next video in our Battletanx: Global Assault playthrough is here and this time I'm taking down a Shadow Ops Armory...after a few attempts.

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