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6/19/2017 WWE Rawvideo

6/19/2017 WWE Raw Analysis – Attacker Revealed, Strowman Returns

The 6/19/2017 WWE Raw Analysis features thoughts on the revelation of Enzo's mystery attacker, the return of Braun Strowman, and much more!
WWE Money in the Bank 2017video

WWE Money in the Bank 2017 Analysis – Maria Returns, Corbin Wins MITB

The WWE Money in the Bank 2017 Analysis features our thoughts on the first-ever women's MITB Match, the debut of Maria and Mike, and much more!
6/14/2017 WWE NXTvideo

6/14/2017 WWE NXT Analysis – Asuka/Cross, AOP, McIntyre

The 6/14/2017 WWE NXT Analysis features my thoughts on the brawl between Asuka and Nikki Cross, Drew McIntyre, and The Authors of Pain.
6/13/2017 WWE SmackDown Live Analysisvideo

6/13/2017 WWE SmackDown Live Analysis – Tag Teams, Lana, MITB

The 6/13/2017 WWE SmackDown Live Analysis features my thoughts on the Tag Team Division, Lana, and the Money in the Bank PPV.

6/12/2017 WWE Raw Analysis – Brock/Joe, Cass Attacked Again

The 6/12/2017 WWE Raw Analysis features the first confrontation between Samoa Joe and Brock Lesnar as well as my view on the state of the Women's Division.
6/7/2017 WWE NXTvideo

6/7/2017 WWE NXT Analysis – Itami Snaps, Roddy Eyes The Title

The 6/7/2017 WWE NXT analysis features my thoughts on Roderick Strong, Hideo Itami's potential heel turn, and a whole lot more!
6/6/2017 WWE SmackDown Live

6/6/2017 WWE SmackDown Live Analysis – Lana Debuts, Corbin Dominates

The 6/6/2017 WWE SmackDown Live analysis features my thoughts on Lana's SmackDown debut, Baron Corbin's dominant night, and much more!