The second level of the first game. I honestly don't know what to say about this. Does anyone even read these? Really quick level though!
A madman has invaded an Arab country and is setting up his forces. A hero must take to the skies to stop him! The first mission is to take out radar stations and destroy planes to establish air superiority.
Time for a new game. The first Crash Bandicoot game this time. Not really that much to say. The game doesn't provide any backstory when you start. We will be doing a quasi-completionist run. An attempt will be made for the video to 100% a level. Failing that, we will go back off-camera to ensure a 100% on each level.
It's the true final level of Bomberman Hero! It turns out that Evil Bomber was behind everything and now, in the final fight, Bomberman must defeat his foe.
This is it. The second bonus level and the one that allows us to 100% the game. Another time travel based on, I think we managed to fluke our way through part of it due to how and where we died a couple of times.
Made it from the outer road and now we are on the inner road. Halfway to finishing the area! This video is honestly a bit longer than it probably should be due to the stupid ways I manage to get myself killed. But it is a very straightforward and easy level.
First of two bonus/hidden levels. Despite some bickering as to the solution, we do eventually figure it out as we always do. Guide use was actually minimal all things considered. But trying to get lined up right a few...

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