A cave of ice, lots of bat puns, a couple lives lost, and large enemies to be defeated. Not much else to say on this one.
The Might & Magic series is on that has been around longer than I have. These games started out in the mid-1980s with the release of the first game, Might & Magic Book One: The Secret of the Inner Sanctum. Since then, the series has gone through many different developers, publishers, and more games and spin-offs than you can even count. Limbic Entertainment is the latest developer to bring a brand new game to the Heroes series with lucky number 7 during the 20th anniversary year of Heroes.
A madman has invaded an Arab country and is setting up his forces. A hero must take to the skies to stop him! The first mission is to take out radar stations and destroy planes to establish air superiority.
Check out our latest interview with actress Rong Fu who chats with FYIG about her role in CBC Gem's, "Hello (Again)"!
FYIG recent;y had the chance to chat with singer/songwriter Shannon Garcia about her upcoming EP, "fnExists" and her latest single, "Spooky Action at a Distance". Learn more about Shannon here!
Another week has gone by in WWE and yet another Divas has left the ranks of the organization. In other happenings, Randy Orton is out next week as is John Cena. The big news coming out of this week...
FYIG recently had the chance to chat with music artist Francois Klark about his new single Run. Learn more about how Francois got into the music industry and his new single inside!

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