Gear Grinders have stolen diodes from the Electrolls, thereby somehow causing forcefield style doors to seal themselves. Spyro must retrieve the diodes to get through the area. Along the way we will replace some lightning stones and glide across some fans in our quest for orbs.
Analysis of the data chip recovered in the previous mission points to an oil rig in the South China Sea as the location of Poseidon. An.... odd choice of locations for a cloning lab but it's a lead and must be followed up on. Adding some level of believability to this lead is that Nigel Bloch has recently boarded a helicopter headed for said oil platform.
A little bit of running around Summer Forest to get some of the missed gems before heading off to Sunny Beach, a world that seems to be mostly inhabited by some type or turtle thing. Unfortunately, we will have to come back to this world, but while we were here we managed to get the Talisman and free some baby turtles.
Aquas is, in my opinion, probably the most boring level in all of Star Fox 64. The Blue-Marine is slow and unwieldy and shooting things is just a pain overall. Even the unlimited supply of torpedoes does nothing to fix this. As for the level though, a bioweapon has been discovered on Aquas so Fox takes the Blue-Marine out into the seas to find out what it is and put an end to it.
Brand new game. A co-op for the PS1, we are playing through the first level set in Granwich. Interesting name and serves as a really annoying tutorial level. Might be one of the most annoying I've ever seen.
A datachip with the location of Posidon must be recovered and gotten to R to learn it's secrets. Bond takes to the streets in a fancy car before eventually losing that jumping a river. However, his wheels after that are much, MUCH better.
Another world, this one inhabited by peaceful monks. Although peaceful might be a bit... misleading. Either way, for the first time so far we actually got EVERYTHING in a level in the first go-through.

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