Have you ever wondered what life is like as a Non-Playable Character in a video game? Free Guy has you covered!
Back to Bomberman Hero because I didn't know there is another area if you 100% the game. A new villain is shown. Evil Bomber. It appears we must take a couple of roads to get to him, so might as well start on the first one!
Check out our latest interview with actress Rong Fu who chats with FYIG about her role in CBC Gem's, "Hello (Again)"!
Oh dear. Marvin's army has gotten loose. Thanks to the sheep fired out of the cannon two levels ago, an experiment of instant Martians has gone awry. Mad at the interruption, Marvin makes Ralph come to his station to recover the last 10 members of his army.
Final level! Anakin Skywalker takes a squad of tanks through a sith city, knowing his fate awaits him at the end. A fate the also tied to that of the Republic. The Dark Reaper is ready and online. Using the knowledge gained on Rhen Var, only Anakin has the power to stop it.
All aboard! Hop on the train and take a ride. This puzzle has us scratching our heads a bit. Sam has to be tricked like normal. But of course, it can't just be like last time. Now we have to lure Sam away, steal the sheep, get the sheep on the train, beat the train so that we can retrieve the sheep, and finally hit Sam on the head with a rock.
Scream makes its return to the big screen after 11 years. Find out if it was worth the wait in our Scream (2022) Review!

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