Oops. We skipped a level. So, now we backtrack instead of moving forward into Dream Weavers. This time we go into what appears to be the most annoying level in the game. Lots of platforms and kinda confusing maze-like. Took two attempts to figure this out.
In this week's Smackdown Rebound, we'll discuss the Miz TV segement with AJ and Big E, RVD vs. Orton, Sandow,  Lesnar, and more! RVD vs. Orton I really have a problem with how Rob Van Dam is being used right now....
Fastlane 2017 was an exciting night in WWE with multiple title matches including a big title change in record time! Find out what we thought here!
FYIG recently had the chance to chat with singer, songwriter, and composer Caspian Lennox about his latest single "The Brightest Star". Check out the full interview here!
FYIG recently talked to actress Risa Stone about her roles in Man Eater and Space & Time, as well as her work with Dog Rescuers Inc. Check out the full interview here!
Composer Darren Fung returns to FYIG after his first interview a couple years ago to talk about composing music for Equus: Story of the Horse!
FYIG recently had the chance to talk with music duo Me and Di about their debut single, "All At Once". Find out more about these two inside!

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