With the new consoles launching, there really haven't been many new IPs. Most of the launch titles that have come out are from existing series. The one new title for the PlayStation 4 happens to be Knack, the mysterious new title from SCE Japan Studio and PS4 architect Mark Cerny. Will this new IP be a system seller for the PS4 or is this one a dud?
With the year off from the main series, we're getting an arcade WWE game for the first time in years! Find out what we thought in our WWE 2K Battlegrounds Review!
The Tomorrow Children is a brand-new crafting game for the PlayStation 4. Can this game stand out from far more popular games like Minecraft or is this game destined to fall into "The Void"?
Today we have our first review of a mobile game with our Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire Review. These reviews will be much more concise than console and PC games because there is far less content in mobile games. Check out the full review inside!
The new all-female Ghostbusters movie released last week and with it came a brand new Ghostbusters video game. Will this new game be a worthy addition to your library or is this just another shameless movie tie-in destined for the bargain bin?
Team 6 has created a brand-new game full of motorcycle combat reminiscent of the classic Road Rash. Find out what we thought about it in our Road Rage Review!
FYIG sat down to play paintball with some people online this past week...at least when it worked. Find out what went wrong in our XField Paintball 3 review!

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