Pokémon is back on the Nintendo 3DS with Ultra versions of the last two games. Find out what we thought in our Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Review!
The Horizon Festival is heading to the snowy mountains of Australia. Find out what we thought in our Forza Horizon 3 Blizzard Mountain Review!
After 14 years, you can become a virtual pilot again! Find out what we thought in our Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) Review!
FYIG got the chance to try out Snipperclips: Cut It Out, Together! for the Nintendo Switch this week. Find out if this budget title is worth grabbing for your system!
After over 20 years of hard work on a series that is cherished by many hockey fans, EA dealt a big blow with last year's NHL 15. The developers removed fan-favourite features and dashed the hopes of many wishing for a first entry on the new generation of consoles. EA Canada went to the fans after a mediocre effort and those fans (dubbed the "Game Changers") helped shape NHL 16 to be the worthy hockey title fans have come to expect.
The Sims are moving to the city of San Myshuno for The Sims 4 City Living Expansion Pack. Is this journey downtown worth the price?
In 2005, Sony' Santa Monica Studio released a game that would quickly become one of the must-own series of games for the PlayStation brand. The hack n' slash type of adventure gameplay was somewhat of a different concept than what was previously seen and it worked well with the general story of the game. Now, Sony has released yet another collection of games after the previous God of War Collection and God of War: Origins Collection. Can this Saga prove to be worthy of a spot in your collection or is this one Saga that has gone on far too long?

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