Now that Obi-Wan and Anakin Skywalker have done their part, it is now up to Mace Windu to clear out droid hangars and factories in a push to the Sith city. First up, taking out the hangars is a breeze. Taking out the factories is a bit more of a hassle due to the AT-TEs apparently not being able to adequately defend themselves. However, it gets done and then Mace Windu faces the hardest part of the game yet with TWO Protodekas before advancing on foot to open the gates to the city.
With the planetary shield down, Obi-Wan begins his assault using an LAAT gunship to first clear out a landing zone before picking up clone engineers to take down power stations supplying a Separatist control compound.
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In command of an LAAT, Anakin Skywalker must clear the way for Republic forces before entering the old Jedi Temple on Rhen Var. To do so, a Separatist base must be cleared and mobile assault cannons must be brought in to down a Separatist core ship that is constantly offloading more forces into the area. After that is taken care of, Anakin enters the Temple only to discover a new, spectral challange.
Back to Rhen Var. To learn how to defeat the Dark Reaper, Anakin and Obi-Wan must first retake the planet of Rhen Var. Before doing so, they must rendezvous with a downed Acclimator-class Assault Ship before proceeding on to destroy a Separatist fuel depot.
A Separatist assault on a Wookiee Village. Assisted by Bera Kazan and a few wookiees riding maru, Anakin Skywalker must help hold off the Separatist forces until Republic backup can arrive. After help arrives, Anakin and Obi-Wan investigate the source of all the Seperatist units, discovering a giant landing ship known as the Harbinger.
With a Wookiee alliance secured, Anakin and Bera set out on Maru to find a nearby Separatist outpost they can use to send a distress call to the Republic. Halfway there, they encounter a small advance base and steal an AAT that is used to actually infiltrate the droid base.

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