Metroid II: The Return of Samus has been reimagined for the Nintendo 3DS. Find out what we thought in our Metroid: Samus Returns Review.
The Pikmin have finally landed on the Nintendo 3DS for the first time in the 16 year history of the series. Check out what we thought in our Hey! Pikmin Review!
Nintendo has brought a brand-new RPG to the 3DS starring none other than the Mii characters. Find out what we thought in our Miitopia Review!
FYIG recently got the chance to play Mario Sports Superstars on the 3DS. Find out what we thought about the latest Mario sports game right here!
The Peanuts have received their own video game adaptation and this one is focused on the loveable, Snoopy! Will Snoopy's Grand Adventure be fun for the whole family or should he just keep sleeping on top of the doghouse?
It's been a few years now since Activision decided to take a new idea to the market with the Skylanders series. Now, Disney has followed the success of Activision by bringing us all of the great characters from Disney and Pixar into one package with Disney Infinity. Will this package gain a similar amount of success or is this one set you should stay away from?

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