A quick round-up of the shards we missed and it is on to Magman, the boss of this planet. Took a couple tries to figure out. Strongly recommend a ranged ability going up against him
First stage of NeoStar. Some annoying hatchet-like enemies along with those ones that throw the spears. Oh, and apparently the ground likes to hurt. BUT! We did get all the shards. So there is that!
Boss video! That means it's time to collect the missed shards and go on to face the boss. This time the boss is Acro, a whale or Orca or something. I'm not sure and haven't really checked. But the concept of the fight isn't that difficult and is taken care of fairly easily.
New planet! Star? I'm not 100% sure about the naming conventions. Either way, time for a new one! Cute little beach-like area.
It's time for another trip to the magazine rack with issue #134 of Electronic Gaming Monthly from September 2000. This issue features a fun little interview with Seaman from the Dreamcast game of the same name among tons of previews and reviews.
Recovering the shards we missed before going on and facing Pix. This one took a bit. Mostly stupid deaths, but it keeps things amusing I suppose.
Back with more Kirby. This level seems to be a bit longer than the others. Along with that, things happening in the background gives what is essentially a side-scroller the feeling most of the level is being missed.

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