Final Level! This one is only accessible by collecting all the shards in the game. After a short run through a beginning area, we get to the true boss. Second most difficult in the game in my opinion with the most difficult being Miracle Matter. Still, pretty much a breeze of a level once the boss trick was figured out.
Last round of missed shards before going on to what I believe to be the most annoying boss in the whole game. It can only be damaged by the ability that matches it. Which is a bit of a pain. But of course, like always, we get it done!
New planet! Really short level. You'd have to actually be trying to die to fail in this level it is so simple. Unfortunately, we did miss a shard at the end. Although we know where it is, we just don't know how to get it.
Quick run-around to get a total of 5 missed shards before it's on to the boss, a giant mech-like thing that eventually transforms into a floating tank. Honestly, getting the shards might have been more annoying.
The first level of ShiverStar is, predictably, a nice snowy level. A pretty cute one too. We get 2 out of 3 shards but at least we know where the one we missed is.
A quick round-up of the shards we missed and it is on to Magman, the boss of this planet. Took a couple tries to figure out. Strongly recommend a ranged ability going up against him
First stage of NeoStar. Some annoying hatchet-like enemies along with those ones that throw the spears. Oh, and apparently the ground likes to hurt. BUT! We did get all the shards. So there is that!

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