This edition of Magazine Rack features Electronic Gaming Monthly #25 from August 1991. This issue contains an SNES buying guide for the launch of Nintendo's then-new console. Check out that and much more inside!
This edition of Magazine Rack features Electronic Gaming Monthly #1, the very first issue of the what would become one of the most beloved gaming magazines. This issue features games like Mega Man 2, Robocop, and features on the then-upcoming Sega Genesis and Nintendo Game Boy!
In Electronic Gaming Monthly #49, we're taking a trip back to August 1993 at the height of the 16-bit era. Read on for a list of what's inside.
FYIG went back to 1991 to take a look at a game based on one of Disney's classic animated movies. Find out what we thought in our The Little Mermaid Game Review.

RES Plus Review

Have you ever wanted to play your NES collection in 720p HD? Retro-bit has you covered with their newest console! Find out what we thought of the RES Plus here.
Retro-Bit has announced the brand-new RES Plus console to play Nintendo Entertainment System games in 720p with its HDMI compatibility!
Inventive console accessories manufacturer Nyko today announced that the Miniboss Wireless Controller for the NES Classic Edition game console, is now available

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