Better later than never for Magazine Monday. Electronic Gaming Monthly Issue #141 is featured as this week's magazine. This issue is special because it features articles on Sega's exit from the hardware business, Sony's journey ahead to the PS2,...
Here's the sixth edition of FYIG Plays, this time we've got the Sega Dreamcast classic, Soul Calibur. I'm not big on fighting games nor I am very good at them but, I have to say I had a great...
Here's the fifth edition of FYIG Plays, this time featuring Crazy Taxi on the Sega Dreamcast! Commentary is provided by myself and my friend Austin. This video features a bunch of random arcade gameplay and really shows how insane...
Today we have a new issue from the Official Sega Saturn Magazine UK from November of 1998 when the Saturn was almost at the end of its life-cycle. This is actually the very last issue of this This..., an independent online interactive entertainment company for gamers, announced today the launch of the highly-anticipated SegaNet.

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