Sega CD – The Forgotten Add-On

Years ago when the Sega Genesis was in the midst of a war with Nintendo and NEC, Sega came up with a great concept that they thought was going to shift the war into...

Magazine Mon…Tuesday – Official Sega Saturn Magazine UK #1 – Nov. 1995

Back in Sega's heyday, just beyond the Genesis and just before the Dreamcast, they released the Saturn. Sega Saturn had a lot of great games released during its extremely short life span and this...

FYIG Top 10: Console Platformers

Platformers are among some of the most enjoyable experiences in gaming. There have been many platformers that have graced consoles and provided some of the best and most recognizable characters the industry has ever...

Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode II Review

Sonic The Hedgehog has always been a very touchy subject for a lot of people. For years, he was one of the greatest video game characters around, the last little while he just hasn't had the punch that he once did. Can Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II return Sonic to his past glory or will it be a title to forget?
SegaNet Launches the World’s First Online Console Gaming Network, SegaNet, an independent online interactive entertainment company for gamers, announced today the launch of the highly-anticipated SegaNet.
Sega Nomad

Sega Genesis Nomad Embarks On It’s Debut Voyage

Sega of America today announced the introduction of Genesis Nomad, Sega's first portable 16-bit videogame system.
Sega Saturn

Consumer Demand Drives Early Release of Sega Saturn

The waiting game is over for video game enthusiasts in the United States as Sega of America Thursday announced the immediate availability of its much-anticipated Sega Saturn system.