A bit of a longer one this time. It appears we are off to either a desert or a beach-like area. Between dealing with piranhas and a minefield, you'd think getting the sheep would be the easy part. But of course, nothing can ever be that easy so after some time we manage to get it, and off across the water we go.
A Haunting encounter. Ghosts that love to dance. It's a paranormal party! Through the hedge maze Ralph must go, careful to avoid the ghosts lurking inside. Vacuuming them up may be the only option. But after this, before he can get to the sheep, Ralph must dance with the ghosts. Who knew ghosts loved to boogie?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7hNsCGn3GE 2K today announced Machine Gun Kelly is officially the Executive Soundtrack Producer for WWE® 2K22. A longtime WWE fan and multitalented music, film and fashion sensation, Machine Gun Kelly will also appear as a playable character, available in a post-launch downloadable WWE 2K22 content...
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Tie some lettuce to a fishing rod. That's how you get sheep, right? Between that and using treadmills to move platforms attached to nothing, this level keeps you running around.
A level that appears to be set around a castle. Cannons that roll on tracks and fire on anything they see. That last one is the difficult part because if it sees you, you can't dodge. Of course there is the puzzle and the unrealistic turning of fired cannonballs. But the biggest thing here is the boss. This level has a boss fight with Gossamer. And it is THE hardest thing we have had to deal with so far.
Dodging bombs. Bungie jumping to pick things up. And a rabbit costume. Several aspects combine to make this the single most interesting level we have come across so far. Takes a few tries, but we get the ropes down and figure it out.

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