4th boss of the game. A couple of tries for this one but still not as bad as the slime. Obvious annoyances from being shot at and Zurg hovering.
Anyone else noticing these levels are getting more annoying? The biggest annoyance in this one was going up and down on the elevator and making sure we were actually going the way we wanted. Otherwise, a decent level. We are definitely getting our money's worth from these levels, so to speak.
We've made it to Al's home! But of course, there is still more to do and enemies to defeat. This level might be the best idea we get of where Al lives and what else he has, which isn't saying much.
In yet another disappointing boss battle, this time we face what we are referring to as "the motherbird", a giant version of the floating bird-like laser things.
In one of the more fun to explore levels so far, we move on to a new part of Al's Toy Barn that apparently has a small arcade and a laser fight between Zurg and Buzz action figures. Another token goal is a zipline race that took a few attempts. The miniboss Buzz Buggy was... less than enjoyable.
This is it! It's the final level and a face-off against Rez himself. The concept is fairly straightforward on how to beat him, unfortunately, the actual execution was a bit difficult. But Rez is finally defeated and the credits roll.
Last video before the boss! And fittingly, it is a Rezopolis level. An annoying maze that I cut down from an almost 45 minute video in this one. The second remote was kinda fun to get though!

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