PlayStation President and CEO Jim Ryan announced a new tier system for PlayStation Plus today on the PlayStation Blog as well as the retiring of the PlayStation Now branding. "PlayStation Now will transition into the new PlayStation Plus offering and...
First of two bonus/hidden levels. Despite some bickering as to the solution, we do eventually figure it out as we always do. Guide use was actually minimal all things considered. But trying to get lined up right a few...
Oh dear. Marvin's army has gotten loose. Thanks to the sheep fired out of the cannon two levels ago, an experiment of instant Martians has gone awry. Mad at the interruption, Marvin makes Ralph come to his station to recover the last 10 members of his army.
All aboard! Hop on the train and take a ride. This puzzle has us scratching our heads a bit. Sam has to be tricked like normal. But of course, it can't just be like last time. Now we have to lure Sam away, steal the sheep, get the sheep on the train, beat the train so that we can retrieve the sheep, and finally hit Sam on the head with a rock.
A bit of a longer one this time. It appears we are off to either a desert or a beach-like area. Between dealing with piranhas and a minefield, you'd think getting the sheep would be the easy part. But of course, nothing can ever be that easy so after some time we manage to get it, and off across the water we go.
A Haunting encounter. Ghosts that love to dance. It's a paranormal party! Through the hedge maze Ralph must go, careful to avoid the ghosts lurking inside. Vacuuming them up may be the only option. But after this, before he can get to the sheep, Ralph must dance with the ghosts. Who knew ghosts loved to boogie?
Tie some lettuce to a fishing rod. That's how you get sheep, right? Between that and using treadmills to move platforms attached to nothing, this level keeps you running around.

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