A little bit of running around Summer Forest to get some of the missed gems before heading off to Sunny Beach, a world that seems to be mostly inhabited by some type or turtle thing. Unfortunately, we will have to come back to this world, but while we were here we managed to get the Talisman and free some baby turtles.
Brand new game. A co-op for the PS1, we are playing through the first level set in Granwich. Interesting name and serves as a really annoying tutorial level. Might be one of the most annoying I've ever seen.
Another world, this one inhabited by peaceful monks. Although peaceful might be a bit... misleading. Either way, for the first time so far we actually got EVERYTHING in a level in the first go-through.
The idols have come to life! And they are... hungry for hot dogs? This level has some wood cutters that have their idols come alive and steal their food. Due to an underwater part, this will (unfortunately) be another level we will have to backtrack to.
This is it! Final level! Final Boss! Or rather, bosses. Apparently, we have a few after us. Not too hard though, all things considered. And a satisfying conclusion to a Let's Play that has been going on for almost 4 months.
One final video before going on to the boss. Because to get the boss, we have to get all the tokens. We didn't miss that many, but we are still taking time to get them.
The first homeworld! Not a lot to see here this time around. We will need to come back through again at another time.

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