It's time for another trip to the magazine rack with issue #134 of Electronic Gaming Monthly from September 2000. This issue features a fun little interview with Seaman from the Dreamcast game of the same name among tons of previews and reviews.
Moving from Andy's house into what I initially assumed would be just the backyard, apparently we are now go to the backyard along with a couple of the neighbors' yards. Unfortunately we don't get to do the RC race due to needing an item from a later level.
Last of the main levels for Gex! This video took an hour and a half to get through the level and is one of my early attempts at cutting content down. Please tell me how I did!
Cutting down over an hour of gameplay, we get a "short" Gex video. Another Kung-Fu Theater that may be the most annoying level so far.
Time for a new game. Staying on the PlayStation, this time we are moving on to Toy Story 2. The videos seem like they will be a bit on the longer side, so be prepared for that. The first level seemed to go well enough.
Boss time! This time it's a parody of the Godzilla style with Gex as Godzilla. A fairly straightforward fight that doesn't really FEEL like you are doing much damage.
Time for more Gex! This time a Scream TV channel. Finding blood coolers is one of Melody's favorite things to do, so this is a fun one.

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