Last of the main levels for Gex! This video took an hour and a half to get through the level and is one of my early attempts at cutting content down. Please tell me how I did!
Last video before the boss! And fittingly, it is a Rezopolis level. An annoying maze that I cut down from an almost 45 minute video in this one. The second remote was kinda fun to get though!
First of the secret bonus levels that we are doing. Lava Daba Doo's name is clearly inspired by The Flintstones, although the level itself seems to be anything. Featuring the rolling stones and a lava river, this is the most annoying PreHistory Channel level we've had to do.
In what is apparently our first fully boss level, this one doesn't leave much of an impression. It is easier than the two mini-bosses we have come up against so far. As such, this is a fairly short video, and the level is nothing to write home about.
Another set of bonus levels. These are a welcome change from all the actual levels especially since you don't lose lives if you fail. Got a bug smashing level, asteroid hopping, and a nice gondola ride down a stream.
In yet another disappointing boss battle, this time we face what we are referring to as "the motherbird", a giant version of the floating bird-like laser things.
Anyone else noticing these levels are getting more annoying? The biggest annoyance in this one was going up and down on the elevator and making sure we were actually going the way we wanted. Otherwise, a decent level. We are definitely getting our money's worth from these levels, so to speak.

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