Thatgamecompany is probably not as well-known in the gaming industry as they should be. Countless times now, I've mentioned Journey, Flower, and thatgamecompany to various friends of mine and I've been greeted with a puzzled look. Why I've been met with such a look is quite simple, these game were never publicized in the way that they should have been. They don't cater to the average gamer and they're very different experiences than most games. The question is, are these games the artistic masterpieces that many analysts have claimed they are or is this one collection that's a miss?
In 2002, Insomniac Games brought a brand new platforming adventure to gamers on the PlayStation 2 after a successful Spyro The Dragon trilogy on the PlayStation 1. That game was Ratchet and Clank and it spawned a series that is now celebrating its tenth anniversary. The recently released Ratchet and Clank Collection is part of that celebration and contains the first 3 games in the series along with some small extras. Does this collection live up to the standards that the originals set during the PS2 era or were these games better left to nostalgia?
Sonic and his friends are back this year with a brand new racing game but, this time, they're taking the racing to land, sea, and air! The question that remains is can Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing: Transformed succeed with such a big transition to the series while still retaining the core mechanics that made the first game successful?
inFamous is a fairly new exclusive to the PlayStation family yet, after two full retail outings and one downloadable adventure we're getting an inFamous Collection. Is Cole McGrath's story enough to warrant a full collection of games are is this one set of games that was better left alone?
Legasista falls into an over-crowded market of different types of RPGs and dungeon-crawlers, most with much higher budgets than that of this smaller download-only title. Is that going to make a difference for this Survival Action RPG or will this title show us that sometimes even smaller titles can provide great experiences?
In 2011, Yuke's and THQ abandoned their very successful Smackdown vs. Raw franchise to form a new WWE series with their first game, WWE '12. WWE '12 went through its share of problems, especially with its online modes and left a lot of wrestling fans with a sour taste in their mouths. Can WWE '13 recapture the audience or is this series dead in the water?
Warhawk for the PlayStation 3 was a tremendous foray into the online-only genre for Incognito Entertainment and was a mainstay for multi-player gamers for years. Fast-forward to 2012 and LightBox Interactive's Starhawk. Different vision, mostly the same team but, does that make for a great game or will Starhawk be forever lost in space?

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