In 2005, Sony' Santa Monica Studio released a game that would quickly become one of the must-own series of games for the PlayStation brand. The hack n' slash type of adventure gameplay was somewhat of a different concept than what was previously seen and it worked well with the general story of the game. Now, Sony has released yet another collection of games after the previous God of War Collection and God of War: Origins Collection. Can this Saga prove to be worthy of a spot in your collection or is this one Saga that has gone on far too long?
Today, Disney Interactive announced that four new playable characters and a brand new Power Disc Pack are available for Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition. Today’s launch represents the fourth wave of new offerings for Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition and includes...
There hasn't been a ton of information leaked on the upcoming Deadpool game however, we've got some news images from Gamescom 2012 for your viewing pleasure!
After a 5 year absence, Virtua Fighter 5 makes a return in a bite-sized form. Can this downloadable title actually live up to the lofty expectations of a loyal fanbase or is this one destined to be a second-tier fighting game?
Platformers are among some of the most enjoyable experiences in gaming. There have been many platformers that have graced consoles and provided some of the best and most recognizable characters the industry has ever seen. Today we look at...
The 2015 Hall of Fame Showcase Pack features a mix of iconic and fantasy matchups between current WWE talent and inductees from WWE’s 2015 Hall of Fame class. The full roster of playable matches includes the following: “Macho Man” Randy Savage...
The Killzone franchise is one that has only been around about 8 years or so but, it's one that most PlayStation gamers have come to know and respect. Now, The entire main Killzone trilogy is available in one package in the PlayStation Collections line. Is this trilogy worth your purchase or is it just another shameless money grab?

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