The plastic guitars are making their return! Guitar Hero has made its triumphant return this year with the release of Guitar Hero Live! Will this game be a return to glory for the former juggernaut or is Guitar Hero a tired concept?
Even if you’re not normally one for side-scrolling games or platformers, Rochard will grab your attention with an iron fist.
Activision is back this year with a brand new game in the Transformers series and this time, they’re ditching the movies to go back to the cartoon series that made this franchise a household name. Is there more than meets the eye to Transformers: Devastation or is this one more licensed shovelware?
It's that time of year again everyone, a time when we all have a few more sick days and a time when we may not communicate with loved ones enough. It's Call of Duty time again and this time Treyarch is back with a brand new campaign and the same old multiplayer you know and love. Will this year's edition continue the great track record for the series or, is this year the year that Call of Duty finally takes a step back? Let's find out!
Warhawk for the PlayStation 3 was a tremendous foray into the online-only genre for Incognito Entertainment and was a mainstay for multi-player gamers for years. Fast-forward to 2012 and LightBox Interactive's Starhawk. Different vision, mostly the same team but, does that make for a great game or will Starhawk be forever lost in space?
The NHL series continues to be the only game in town, but has that led to some complacency by EA Canada? Find out in our NHL 12 Review!
It's been a long time coming for Sorcery to make its way to the PlayStation 3 after first being revealed in a surprise move at E3 2010. Nearly two years later, Sorcery finally makes its way to the PS3 but, is it still the move killer app that everyone thought it would be when it was revealed?

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