TheĀ 9/27/2017 WWE NXT Analysis includes my thoughts on Lars Sullivan, Vanessa Borne, The Undisputed Era, and more. Check out more inside!
The 9/26/2017 WWE SmackDown Live Analysis features our thoughts on Kevin Owens, the dissension between the Hype Bros, Natalya, and much more!
The 9/25/2017 WWE Raw Analysis features our thoughts on the big SHIELD tease, the new Cruiserweight Division storyline, and much more.
In our WWE No Mercy 2017 Reaction, we talk about John Cena, Enzo Amore, the Fatal 5-Way Match for the Raw Women's Championship, and much more.
The Ladder Match has become an integral part of WWE over the past 25 years. Take a look inside to see The History of the Ladder Match in WWE.
In FYIG WWE Weekly Hits & Misses #7, we talk about Nia Jax betraying Alexa Bliss, Jeff Hardy becoming #1 Contender to the IC title and much more!
FYIG WWE Weekly Hits & Misses #6 features our thoughts on the debut of Adam Cole, Lesnar retaining the Universal Championship, and much more!

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