Dubbed the McDonald’s Boombox and created in partnership with McDonald’s, the University of Waterloo’s Audio Research Group and industrial design group Stacklab, the portable speaker will be made available at a one-day event at Toronto’s Woodbine Beach on July 28.
It's amazing what kind of creativity can come from one giraffe. Unless you've been completely away from the Internet, you've probably seen countless posts about April The Giraffe. There was plenty of anticipation for the impending birth of her baby which finally happened this past weekend. Brenda Lee Corley of Arkansas decided to make a couple beautiful poems about this giraffe and her baby's journey which we've shared below.
If you haven't been following Arby's on social media, you might want to start after reading this post. The famous fast food chain has become known for their geeky ads on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media outlets.
SQUARE ENIX and Jones Soda Co. are teaming up with Target stores nationwide to sweeten the deal for fans who purchase a copy of FINAL FANTASY XV in stores.
There's a mysterious new Youtube game the has surfaced called, Find the Gold Bars. This one looks like it could be the Internet's next great mystery! The objective of Find the Gold Bars is to do just that. You start off with a...
TORONTO, ON—Nora is the first smart, non-invasive, snoring solution. Designed in Toronto and San Francisco, Nora is a sleek pebble-shaped device that sits on your bedside table and stops your snoring before your partner wakes up. The unique solution was inspired...
It looks like the demand for nostalgia has hit MTV as Viacom will be replacing VH1 Classic with MTV Classic on August 1st, 35 years to the day that MTV made their first broadcast. Viewers can expect many classic...

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