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Brian Falduto

FYIG Chats With School of Rock Actor-Turned-Singer Brian Falduto

FYIG recently had the chance with School of Rock actor Brian Falduto about his new album Stage Two and the accompanying single Rainy Day. Brian also talked about being a life coach and his experiences playing Billy in School of Rock! Check out the full interview right here!
Heather Russell

FYIG Chats With R&B/Soul Artist Heather Russell

FYIG recently had the chance to chat with Heather Russell about her journey in music, her new latest album My Metropolis, doing origami, and much more! Check out the full interview here!
Darren Fung

FYIG Chats With Composer Darren Fung Part 2

Composer Darren Fung returns to FYIG after his first interview a couple years ago to talk about composing music for Equus: Story of the Horse!
Xav A.

FYIG Chats with Retro Pop and R&B Singer Xav A.

FYIG recently had the chance to chat with retro Pop and R&B singer Xav A. about his new single Old Milk! Find out more about Xav right here!
Jak & Daxter Part 11video

FYIG Plays Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy Part 11 & 12 – Gol...

We've finally reached the end of our Jak and Daxter playthrough as we rescue the 4 sages before facing off against the final boss!
Mass Effect Part 6video

FYIG Plays Mass Effect Part 6 – Aiding the Consort

In the 6th part of our Mass Effect playthrough, I assist the Consort as well as completing some other side missions.
BattleTanx Global Assault Part 17video

FYIG Plays BattleTanx: Global Assault Part 17 – Rescuing Les Misérables Queenlords

In Part 17 of our BattleTanx: Global Assault playthrough, t's time to save the 3 QueenLords that were taken by Cassandra's forces!

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