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Jasmine Ferguson

Introducing…Playboy Playmate Jasmine Ferguson

FYIG recently got to chat with Playboy's Miss March 2016 for South Africa, Jasmine Ferguson. Jasmine was kind enough to take us through the ins and outs of her modelling career -- passions, fitness...
Chanelle Garrow

Introducing…Chanelle Garrow

Last week Find Your Inner Geek had the opportunity to talk to an up-and-coming model from Oshawa. Let us introduce you to Chanelle Garrow! Tell the readers a bit about yourself for those that haven't...

Introducing…Nomad Cables

FYIG got its hands on some interesting new charging cables from Nomad. These cables come in the form of keys and cards to give consumers an easy option to charge their devices on the...

Introducing…Color Cables

Ever have trouble finding your charge/sync cables at night? How about having them get all tangled or being too short? Color Cables have an affordable answer for you with their line of Glow in...

Introducing…Faleasha Myers

It's been a long hiatus for FYIG but, we're finally back with a brand new "Introducing" article! When I first started this series, I wanted to showcase exceptional people and things and this next...
Kate Drummond

Introducing…Kate Drummond

Here's the latest Introducing... feature from FYIG. Today we're going to be introducing you to someone you will probably be hearing a lot of in the next few years, the former teacher turned actress,...

Introducing: Godmode

Here's the first article in our brand new featured series here on FYIG called, Introducing. Today, we're going to look at an upstart apparel company with a very unique and very distinct style and...

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