The Edmonton Oilers have acquired defenceman Mike Green from the Detroit Red Wings in exchange for forward Kyle Brodziak & a conditional draft pick in either 2020 or 2021, the team announced. 
The Lightning on Sunday announced they signed Bogosian to a one-year, $1.3 million contract.
The Ilya Kovalchuk era in Montreal has come to an end.
For kids, learning to code can be a great learning experience that aids them in all parts of their education. The key here is to make it fun and enjoyable. In that spirit, here are five of the top games that can teach coding for people of all ages!
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More druids (as Cyrus calls them) that like to move the land around. Metal spiders that can't be defeated by normal means, and even more wizards, these with the powers of either lightning or tornadoes. All the fun things. But there is a plus side! Friendly fairies that either keep you from falling to death. Or the one that
The symbiotes are in the printing room of The Daily Bugle using generators to "print" more of themselves. Spidey must destroy the generators and chase after the imposter Spider-Man.
More small witch doctor looking things with armor, some beasts that like the charge at you as pets. And of course, we have what appear to be wizards. There appears to be a magical theme across the Magic Crafters related worlds. Go figure. Oh, and the fireworks are annoying.
Despite enlisting Symbiote's help to search The Bugle, he has run off to find Carnage, leaving Spidey to deal with the mini-symbiote things that seem to be infesting the place. And they have taken hostages! They will have to be freed and then down the elevator shaft to the basement.
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