During the battle at Taloraan, a group of commandos raided an Imperial facility on Fest and stole a trio of AT-PTs, Why they stole what appear to be the weakest things the Empire seems to have in its arsenal, I have no idea. Anyway, now it is up to Rogue Squadron to defend them so they can escape. This hardest level I've had to deal with so far. I swear the AT-PTs explode if an enemy even looks at them.
A temporary truce doesn't mean the enemy still won't plan ahead for when the truce is over. A fact my girlfriend learned in this game when agreeing to not attack me until at least one computer controlled player was removed.
The final video for Spyro. Having beaten Gnasty and 100%'d the game, now we get access to the treasure level, an open flight style area with only 10 and 25 value gems.
In an attempt to disrupt the Empire's tibanna gas supply, Rogue Squadron, now back at full strength with Wedge having been rescued, goes to a refinery and storage plant located on the gas giant Taloraan to destroy stored gas marked for transport to the Empire.
Finally facing Gnasty! Only one video to go after this and the series will be done. Honestly, a very underwhelming way to end the game. Gnasty wasn't much of a final boss.
While on the train, Wedge learned the Empire is keeping more rebel prisoners on Kessel. Who could have possibly guessed? So now Rogue Squadron is to escort and protect Crix Madine and his commandos as they take a shuttle to each prison complex and rescue those being held prisoner.
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