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Having made it through the laser tunnel, now we are in some sort of control room where all the fog is being channeled to the above-water vents. Black Cat is also trapped. Closing the vents and freeing her are our priorities here.
Boss of the Magic Crafter world. Quite frankly, the sheep on stilts posed more of a challenge. But, while it doesn't HAVE to be beat to move on, it wouldn't be much of a full playthrough if we didn't face him, now would it?
A warehouse filled with symbiotes and their generators. As if dealing with them at the Bugle wasn't annoying enough. But after that, even more annoying was crossing through an underwater tunnel with electrified walls and LASERS!
Armored Druids, Green Wizards, and Elder Wizards summoning Ice Gnorcs (that seem to have a grudge against the druids). Plenty of enemies to deal with in this level. But there is also fun to be had with the supercharge ramps. Long-distance jumps that require fairly good timing. That's what awaits in Wizard Peak.
Having chased down the imposter Spider-Man, it is revealed that it is none other than Mysterio! After ditching his disguise, Mysterio grows to about 4 floors tall in an attempt to squish Spidey. So Spidey must defeat him.
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