FYIG recently had the chance to chat with music duo Lisette and Tyler about their new EP, "Lost and Sea"! Find out more about the soon to be husband and wife duo right here!
FYIG recently had the chance to chat with singer/songwriter Melissa Bel about her latest single, "Can't Go Home". Find out more about Melissa and what it was like to co-write a song for Avril Lavigne here!
Last video before facing Gnasty! Almost there. This level is full of gnorcs with guns. Including a few who apparently think they are Rambo.
An extremely short mission. Fire ion blasts at a hovertrain to rescue Wedge. Not really sure what else to say other than that.
This is the first world within the Gnorc Nexus homeworld. One of 4. That means only 3 more videos after this. We are getting close to the end! Gnorc Cove appears to be a dock that is used for moving explosives and such around, based on the abundance of TNT.
Our first Y-Wing mission. The canyons of Kile II hold a large Imperial facility that supports the whole sector. Hidden among the canyons are a large barracks, spaceport, and sensor array.
All 5 flights get done in this video. Took over an hour to livestream. Several attempts. But we made it. 5 steps closer to beating the game!
Kasan Moor has informed the rebellion of an Imperial construction yard that produces AT-ATs and AT-ST. Rogue Squadron is to go in with SnowSpeeders (because AT-AT) and take out the factories. But first we have to take out ground scanners, because destroying the scanners totally doesn't cause alarm.
After some technical difficulties, this time we face Jacques, the most underwhelming boss in the first Spyro game. Honestly, getting to him was more annoying than he was. By a long shot.
Lieutenant Moor has informed Rogue Squadron of a moon used by Imperial forces as a supply depot for their efforts in the region. Rogue Squadron will move in to cover General Madine as his ground troops "appropriate" some of those supplies.