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Aaron McArthur

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Playing video games and writing are two of my most favourite things to do, when I'm not doing either of those things I am very probably asleep or making music.

Dean Amond

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I started FindYourInnerGeek.ca in May of 2012 because I wanted to do things a little differently and cater to some of my favourite interests. I'm an avid Toronto Maple Leaf and hockey fan in general, I've watched wrestling for ages, and I have a huge soft spot for video games.


Avatar of MindOfGeekness
In no particular order my favorite things are...my Xbox...Iron Man...Mass Effect...Supernatural...Kaidan...Dragon Age...PS3...Vaas...Green Day...writing...WWE...Coffee Oh, and rainbow colored hair. Red is the color right now. |X-Box Live : MindOfGeekness| |PSN : MindOfGeekness|



Rutledge Daugette

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I've been playing games for as long as I remember. This, of course, led to a degree in Game Programming. The logical next step was to write about games as well, so here I am!

Ryan Meitzler

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Deep from the bowels of New Jersey, I burrow through hordes of diners and disco fries to reach the enclaves of society...namely, to talk/write about the things I love! Which, we can pretty much narrow down to video games, movies, music, TV, and way way more. (Like frolicking on the beach...but more on that later) I've gone from NES/Sega Master system days to my current triple-threat of Xbox 360/PS3/3DS, and played almost anything and everything in between! I love talking and playing games...and I can play a mean game of Smash Bros. to prove it.


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My name is Heidi and I'm a gaming obsessed girl from Sweden. Born in '84 when Sega and Nintendo was at their peak I always enjoyed playing and played every time I got a chance. I never had any consoles myself since my parents thought it would make me dumb. This has led to a compulsive obsession of collecting everything I never got as a child! I've recently begun to write about my games on my website about Retro Video Gaming. When I'm not gaming I enjoy music, both listening and composing, illustrating, painting and creating things in general or drink excessive amounts of coffee with my friends!