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FYIG Plays 007: Agent Under Fire Part #9 – Forbidden Depths

After falling from an oil platform, Bond has somehow wound up in a transport system for the secret Poseidon base. This level is basically on rails and features many, MANY ways that Bond should have easily been killed but, because he's the hero, somehow isn't. The level ends with a pretty.... heated

FYIG Plays 007: Agent Under Fire Part #8 – Fire & Water

Analysis of the data chip recovered in the previous mission points to an oil rig in the South China Sea as the location of Poseidon. An.... odd choice of locations for a cloning lab but it's a lead and must be followed up on. Adding some level of believability to this lead is that Nigel Bloch has recently boarded a helicopter headed for said oil platform.

FYIG Plays 007: Agent Under Fire Part #6 – Night of The Jackal

We are back at the British Embassy in Romania, this time to locate and rescue Dr. Damescu before the Jackal can find and kill her first.

FYIG Plays 007: Agent Under Fire Part #3 – Dangerous Pursuit

With Agent Nightshade dead, Bond must now reclaim the vials taken from him in the last mission. A quick mission basically chasing down a van and hitting it with an EM Pulse.

FYIG Plays 007: Agent Under Fire Part #2 – Precious Cargo

Bloch's men are after Bond and agent Nightshade. In an on-rails level, Bond has to basically blow up anything related to Bloch and his men as they try and chase Bond and Nightshade through the city on their way to the Identicon factory.

FYIG Plays 007: Agent Under Fire Part #1 – Trouble In Paradise

Time for a new game. This time we are doing our first GameCube game! Or second, if you count 1080 Avalanche that went up last week. For the first mission, Bond has to locate a missing CIA agent.

FYIG Top 10: Coolest Bond Gadgets

We're doing something a little different this time for this edition of "FYIG Top 10". Our friends at Morphsuits have created a great infographic...

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