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Magazine Rack – Next Generation #1 – January 1995

This edition of Magazine Rack features Next Generation #1 from January 1995. Included in this issue is an interview with 3DO co-founder Trip Hawkins, write-ups on the numerous new consoles and add-ons of the era, and even some features on video game violence and arcade games!

Magazine Rack – Electronic Gaming Monthly #25 – August 1991

This edition of Magazine Rack features Electronic Gaming Monthly #25 from August 1991. This issue contains an SNES buying guide for the launch of Nintendo's then-new console. Check out that and much more inside!

Magazine Rack – Electronic Gaming Monthly #49 – August 1993

In Electronic Gaming Monthly #49, we're taking a trip back to August 1993 at the height of the 16-bit era. Read on for a list of what's inside.

Magazine Monday #32 – GamePro – Issue #61 – August 1994

Ah 1994, the age of an odd mushroom shaped add-on for the Sega Genesis called the 32x, Mortal Kombat II and Sonic and Knuckles....

Magazine Monday #8 – Electronic Gaming Monthly Issue #51 – October 1993

We're back with another issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly, this time from October 1993. In this issue you'll see hands-on previews from the 3DO...

Atari Jaguar CD System Pounces Onto Multimedia Marketplace

Atari Corp.'s highly anticipated multimedia compact disc player for the Jaguar 64 interactive home entertainment system has hit the stores and is jumping off the shelves. 

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