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5 Games I Remember Fondly but Should Probably Never Play Again

A look into the idea of loving bad games as a kid from the perspective of a man that played some truly awful ones and the 5 games that he can't bring himself to play again.

3/14/2017 PlayStation US Store Update

The 3/14/2017 PlayStation US Store Update includes some great deals on Batman games as well as a few other notable deals.

Arby’s – The Geeky Ads That Changed The Game

If you haven't been following Arby's on social media, you might want to start after reading this post. The famous fast food chain has become known for their geeky ads on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media outlets.

Xbox Store Update 9/13/2016

This week's deals in the Xbox Store Update include the Batman: Arkham series, Lego games, and some Forza content! All that and more inside! Xbox...

Batman: Arkham Knight – ‘Gotham Is Mine’ Trailer

The conclusion to Rocksteady's Arkham trilogy looks to be an impressive ending as Scarecrow unites the Rogues Gallery. Take a look at the trailer...

Gotham Pilot Review

A new recruit in Captain Sarah Essen's Gotham City Police Department, Detective James Gordon is paired with Harvey Bullock to solve one of Gotham's...

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