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This Week in WWE: Smackdown Rebound – 8/9/2013

In this week's Smackdown Rebound, we'll discuss the Miz TV segement with AJ and Big E, RVD vs. Orton, Sandow,  Lesnar, and more! RVD vs....

This Week in WWE: Raw Reaction – 8/5/2013

Welcome to the return of This Week in WWE which will now have two segments a week, one for Raw, one for SD. This...

This Week in WWE #11 – Punk, Team Hell No, AJ, Big Show &...

This week in WWE was a CM Punk filled affair with three tv main events! AJ gets coached, Bryan and Kane become stale, and...

This Week in WWE #7 – Punk, Bryan, Eve, Del Rio & More!

As we move towards Night of Champions we take a look at how Eve Torres has taken her character in a new direction. We...

This Week in WWE #4 – SummerSlam, Daniel Bryan, HBK & More!

The road to SummerSlam ends tonight as WWE got through a final week with a lot of questions that have yet to be answered....

This Week In WWE #3 – AW, World Title, Lesnar/HHH, Divas & More

This week in WWE saw a World Title match for SummerSlam cancelled, Shawn Michaels being confronted by Brock Lesnar, and AW gets fired for...

This Week in WWE #2 – 3 Hours, Tag-Teams, AJ & More!

New GMs, 3 hour Raw, and a very bothersome problem for the WWE are just some of the things discussed in This Week in...

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