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NHL 13 – Behind The Scenes: True Performance Skating

Ever wondered how EA Canada creates the gameplay that you've come to know and love in the NHL series. Now's your chance as we...

NHL 13 – Presentation Overhaul Trailer

NHL 13 is shaping up to be a huge leap forward in the way you play hockey in a video game but, what about how you SEE it? Well, they've improved that too. Check it out in this trailer!

NHL 13 – Defensive Gameplay Reveal

Hockey IQ is the newest innovation for the EA Sports NHL series and today we have a gameplay reveal for the defensive side of NHL 13!

NHL 13 – GM Connected Mode Trailers

750 players in one league? It can happen in NHL 13. See more on just how the developers at EA plan on doing that inside!

NHL 13 – E3 2012 Skating Gameplay Demo

Fresh off of the reveal just a couple weeks ago, the folks at EA Sports decided to show some skating gameplay from NHL 13 at E3. Here it is!

NHL 13 – Dev Q&A From Today’s Live Stream

Here we have an 11 minute question and answer period with the developers of NHL 13 who explain different things about the game and...

NHL 13 – ‘Every Stride Matters’ Trailer (w/Screenshots)

True performance skating and EA Sports Hockey IQ are going to revolutionize the NHL series and this video shows you exactly how. Here are 3...

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