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The E3 Press Conferences 2019: The Missing, The Surprises, and The Ranking

What expected games never showed? What were the biggest surprises? And (since this is a click-baity list) what letter grades do each conference get!?

The Fall of Anthem and the Rise of Apex Legends: The Message this Should...

How EA's recent success and failures may be shaping the future of gaming for the better.

NHL 19 Review

It's hockey season and that means that EA is back with the latest game in the NHL series. Find out if World of CHEL makes this a must-buy in our NHL 19 Review!

FYIG Plays Burnout Paradise: Remastered Part 1 – Starting out in Paradise City

FYIG is going back to a classic Burnout game with Burnout Paradise Remastered on the PS4. See us start out in Paradise City right here!

Unravel Two Review

EA surprised everyone at E3 2018 and revealed that a sequel to one of their most popular EA Originals was already available. Find out what we thought in our Unravel Two Review!

FYIG Plays Burnout 3: Takedown Part 4 – Focusing on Crash Mode

I continue my Burnout 3: Takedown playthrough this week with a lot more Crash events along with a few Road Rage and Races sprinkled in.

Need For Speed Payback Review

FYIG recently took a trip to the Vegas-inspired Fortune City kicking up dust in the desert and blazing through the bright lights of the city....

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