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FYIG Plays Army Men Air Combat Part 16 – Plastro’s Revenge

Plastro is on the run and has unleashed his worst weapon/toy of mass destruction ever. Where it came from isn't known, but defeating it is imperative!

FYIG Plays Army Men Air Combat Part 14 – Pick Up The Pieces

Thanks to the radar that we got working a couple of videos ago, the remaining Tan Army bases have been located. However, this is not our target. Due to expected resistance, a new 'Copter is needed. As such, the 6 pieces of the new Apache helicopter must be located and secured.

FYIG Plays Army Men Air Combat Part 13: Demolition Time

In what I believe is the first video I actually get destroyed in, this time the Tan Army has some new toys. RC Cars that are basically invincible. The only way to stop them is to locate and destroy their controllers.

FYIG Plays Army Men: Air Combat Part 1-5

The first bit of our Army Men Air Combat playthrough on N64 have arrived! Check out the first 5 parts here!

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