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FYIG Plays Far Cry 5 Part 9 & 10 – Helping Deliver a Baby...

In the next couple parts of our Far Cry 5 playthrough, I help get a woman to her midwife's house to deliver a baby and make my entry into Jacob's territory. Check out parts 9 and 10 right here!

FYIG Plays Far Cry 5 Part 7 & 8 – Defeating John Seed

Part 7 & 8 of our Far Cry 5 playthrough features me getting a new ally in the sniper Grace in addition to defeating the first of Joseph's heralds, John Seed!

FYIG Plays Far Cry 5 Part 5 & 6 – Captured!

In the next set of videos in the FYIG Plays Far Cry 5 series, I get captured by the cult. Do I manage to escape and continue to cause havoc? Check out the gameplay right here!

FYIG Plays Far Cry 5 Part 3 & 4 – Death by Bull &...

The next couple parts of my Far Cry 5 are pretty eventful including some liberated outposts, death by a bull, and stealing a plane back from the cult! Check out the videos right here!

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