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FYIG Plays Crazy Taxi

Here's the fifth edition of FYIG Plays, this time featuring Crazy Taxi on the Sega Dreamcast! Commentary is provided by myself and my friend...

We Gotz This – May EASHL Season – May 3rd & 4th

In true We Gotz This fashion, we had a couple great games and a couple terrible ones. We've always tried to instil a physical...

FYIG Plays Dead Island Riptide

Here's the fourth edition of FYIG Plays featuring none other than Dead Island Riptide. In this feature you'll see about an hour and a...

We Gotz This – May EASHL Season – May 2nd – Games 1 &...

In the first couple games of our new season, we had a shutout loss and a shutout win. This team has been very up...

We Gotz This – April EASHL Playoffs – Games 1-3

It was a good playoff run for We Gotz This in April as we went three games before being defeated 3-1 to end our...

FYIG Plays Mario Kart: Double Dash – Mushroom Cup Gameplay

I purchased a Gamecube a few weeks ago for the great price of $30. I had always wanted to buy one and yet, I...

We Gotz This April EASHL Season – April 21st – Game #5,6 & 7

A couple big shutouts (courtesy of me) and a tough loss highlight the last 3 games of the night from April 21st. Note the...

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