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Gaming Commercials – WWE Games Pt.1

WWE has been around for a long time and being around that long has given the company the opportunity to have a vast array...

The Last of Us Review

When The Last of Us first debuted to much fanfare and anticipation in December of 2011 at the Spike Video Game Awards, a lot of people wondered if this brand new IP could possibly live up to the lofty expectations. Has Naughty Dog once again outdone themselves or should this developer just stick to Uncharted?

Journey: Collector’s Edition Review

Thatgamecompany is probably not as well-known in the gaming industry as they should be. Countless times now, I've mentioned Journey, Flower, and thatgamecompany to various friends of mine and I've been greeted with a puzzled look. Why I've been met with such a look is quite simple, these game were never publicized in the way that they should have been. They don't cater to the average gamer and they're very different experiences than most games. The question is, are these games the artistic masterpieces that many analysts have claimed they are or is this one collection that's a miss?

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