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FYIG Plays The Lion King Part #10 – Pride Rock

The final level. The face-off against Scar. It's time to reclaim Pride Rock and the Pridelands! A bit over an hour of uploads led to this. And then took another hour just to beat... But that's not here or there! The conclusion to this game series starts.... now!

FYIG Plays The Lion King Part 8: Be Prepared

Despite the title of this level feeling more like it belongs at the beginning of the game, we are in fact back at what we assume are the pridelands we find something the movie apparently didn't show. Lava. A LOT OF LAVA. Dripping from what appear to be cave ceilings, spouting out of holes in the ground. Rivers of it.

Tetris and Darius Join An Expanded SEGA Genesis Mini Library

Wait, they originally said 40 games, right? Slight correction - the SEGA Genesis Mini will feature 42 games!

FYIG Plays Aladdin Part 1 – Agrabah Market

I'm starting a new playthrough and this time it's going to be Aladdin on the SEGA Genesis with the first level, Agrabah Market!

SEGA Genesis Mini Presents A Star-Studded Cast with Earthworm Jim, Sonic the Hedgehog 2,...

It's time to run and jump our way to the next lineup of timeless classics making their way to the SEGA Genesis Mini with some of the biggest characters in video game history.

Magazine Rack – Sega Visions Issue #23 – February/March 1995

The latest edition of Magazine Rack features an issue of Sega Visions magazine from 1995 featuring Penn & Teller's Smoke and Mirrors which never got released on the Sega CD!

The Super Retro Trio Plus Joe & Mac Limited Edition Lets You Relive Three...

After a successful launch of the Super Retro Trio Plus (SR3 Plus), a console boasting three top-loading cartridge slots compatible with all of your favorite NES, SNES, and Genesis games ready to play in crisp 720p resolution with HDMI, Innex Inc. the exclusive distributor of Retro-Bit, is continuing their trend of supporting the retro gaming community by announcing the Super Retro Trio Plus Joe and Mac Limited Edition Bundle.

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