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FYIG Plays Gex: Enter The Gecko Part #23 – Channel Z

This is it! It's the final level and a face-off against Rez himself. The concept is fairly straightforward on how to beat him, unfortunately, the actual execution was a bit difficult. But Rez is finally defeated and the credits roll.

FYIG Plays Gex: Enter The Gecko Part #22 – Mazed and Confused

Last video before the boss! And fittingly, it is a Rezopolis level. An annoying maze that I cut down from an almost 45 minute video in this one. The second remote was kinda fun to get though!

FYIG Plays Gex: Enter The Gecko Part #21 – Texas Chainsaw Manicure

A couple of good Star Wars references seem at odds with this otherwise horror-themed level that honestly was one of the easier ones we have dealt with lately. An odd glitch also happens to cause Gex to stick to a wall backward.

FYIG Plays Gex: Enter The Gecko Part #20 – Lava Daba Doo

First of the secret bonus levels that we are doing. Lava Daba Doo's name is clearly inspired by The Flintstones, although the level itself seems to be anything. Featuring the rolling stones and a lava river, this is the most annoying PreHistory Channel level we've had to do.

FYIG Plays Gex: Enter The Gecko Part 19 – I’ve Got Reruns/No Wedding and...

Sorry for this one being longer than normal. We didn't realize No Weddings and a Funeral was a full level. Oops. So we got the remaining two bonuses and red remote level. Next week will be the bonus levels from getting enough gold remotes, then finally the boss!

FYIG Plays Gex: Enter The Gecko Part #18 – Bugged Out/Trouble in Uranus/Lizard in...

Another set of bonus levels. These are a welcome change from all the actual levels especially since you don't lose lives if you fail. Got a bug smashing level, asteroid hopping, and a nice gondola ride down a stream.

FYIG Plays Gex: Enter The Gecko Part #17 – In Drag Net/The Spy Who...

Time to hit our first round of bonus stages. Small variety here. All named referencing popular movies. All item collection rounds. I wonder if that is how they all are?

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