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What a Newcomer to NHL Fandom Should Know

If you’re new to the NHL, you might be wondering how to expand your understanding of ice hockey and how to grow a true fan’s appreciation of the league and the sport in general. That’s what we’re going to talk about today.

FYIG Chats With 3-Time Stanley Cup Champion Patrick Sharp

FYIG recently had the chance to chat with 3-time Stanley Cup Champion Patrick Sharp about Airbnb Billet Day and the importance that billeting played in his career. Find out more here!

NHL 20 Review

Auston Matthews becomes the first Maple Leaf player to grace the cover of an NHL game in NHL 20. Find out if this one is worth the purchase in our NHL 20 Review!

NHL 19 Review

It's hockey season and that means that EA is back with the latest game in the NHL series. Find out if World of CHEL makes this a must-buy in our NHL 19 Review!

NHL 19 Beta Impressions

It's almost hockey season and EA is allowing everyone to test NHL 19 before the game releases next month. Find out if it's an upgrade over NHL 18 here!

FYIG Plays NHL Hitz 2003 – Creating The Mighty Ducks (From The Movies) and...

We're back with another edition of FYIG Plays. This one features me creating The Mighty Ducks (from the Disney movies) and starting a franchise with them. Check out Charlie Conway, Adam Banks, and the rest of The Ducks take on the world!

NHL 18 Review

EA Canada took a conservative approach to NHL 17 last year bringing in a few new improvements to an otherwise familiar formula. With NHL 18, EA added a brand new game mode as well as improvements to the offensive and defensive side of the game. Find out if these improvements were enough for us to recommend this one in our NHL 18 Review.

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