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RetroStalgia Plays Bomberman Hero Part #17 – VS Evil Bomber

It's the true final level of Bomberman Hero! It turns out that Evil Bomber was behind everything and now, in the final fight, Bomberman must defeat his foe.

RetroStalgia Plays Bomberman Hero Part #16 – Inner Road

Made it from the outer road and now we are on the inner road. Halfway to finishing the area! This video is honestly a bit longer than it probably should be due to the stupid ways I manage to get myself killed. But it is a very straightforward and easy level.

RetroStalgia Plays Bomberman Hero Part #15 – Outer Road

Back to Bomberman Hero because I didn't know there is another area if you 100% the game. A new villain is shown. Evil Bomber. It appears we must take a couple of roads to get to him, so might as well start on the first one!

RetroStalgia Plays Bomberman Hero Part 14 – Vs. Bagular

This is finally it! Time to face and defeat Bagular. Like any good boss, he, of course, has 3 different forms, with the 3rd being the hardest. But I, of course, beat him and the game which is something I never did when I had this as a kid.

RetroStalgia Plays Bomberman Hero – Garaden Bosses 1-6

Finally making it to the last planet, we now have to reface each boss from the previous planets. I'm not gonna lie, each boss has a cut/rerecord. But we are one video away from finally winning the game!

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