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RetroStalgia Plays BattleTanx (GBC) Part #2 – Rush Hour

Second level. This time we are in what I believe is a moto. After mistaking an enemy for a friendly, we quickly get underway locating the coins in the level.

RetroStalgia Plays Crash Bandicoot Part #6 – Papu Papu & Rolling Stones

First boss! Goes.... extremely quickly, despite losing a life. So we decided to combine the next level into this video. So we also have to get through a bunch of rolling stones. We even find a new type of bonus level.

RetroStalgia Plays BattleTanx (GBC) Part #1 – Trial By Fire

In a first for the channel, we are going handheld! But we aren't straying too far. This time it is the GameBoy Color version of BattleTanx! The first mission goes smoothly. I forgot how limited the GameBoy Color audio was.

RetroStalgia Plays Desert Strike Part #4 – Nuclear Strike

Last level. Finally. This HAS to be the most annoying game I've played for this channel yet. But now we finally get to stop...

RetroStalgia Plays Crash Bandicoot Part #4 – Boulders

Probably our most annoying level yet, despite the short run time. One of the levels where instead of making the way to the exit, you are fleeing something that is just as fast as you so if you dawdle too long, you'll get squished.

RetroStalgia Plays Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf Part #3 – Embassy City

Another long video. This doesn't cut down very well. But this time it is a lot of recusing and abducting people. Seems like kidnapping scientists and an ambassador aren't really things good guys should be doing, but those are our orders.

RetroStalgia Plays Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf Part #1 – Air Superiority

A madman has invaded an Arab country and is setting up his forces. A hero must take to the skies to stop him! The first mission is to take out radar stations and destroy planes to establish air superiority.

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